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The Chowchilla 6 Litter

Update: We have 3 of the Chowchilla litter available for adoption.  Please see photos and bios below. And here they are: the Chowchilla 6 3 looking for their individual homes.  These Cattle dog/hound mixes are about 14 weeks old and  are full of beans and full of… well, you know! They are adorable and playful and will warm your heart. They will grow to be 60+ lbs (no guarantees on size). Puppies are a lot of work so please think long and hard before applying. Puppies need training and attention constantly.  Please be home every 2 hours to bond during this crucial stage. After the puppy stage you and your dog will then go through a rambunctious teenager stage from about 6-12 months old.  Puppies need to be in homes where they will be closely monitored and not allowed to become destructive. If you cannot provide this level of care or do not have the patience for teenagers, consider adopting an older dog, which we will happily help you with. Cattle dogs require high levels of energy rele


Size: Medium (25 – 60 lbs)

Breed: Cattle Dog, Hound, Mix



House trained:



Energy level:

Location: San Francisco

If you are interested in adopting this me, please click here to go to my shelter's website: Ask About The Chowchilla 6 Litter!